MY GO TO MAKEUP ROUTINE!| My most loved beauty products.

Hi guys! 

Two blog posts in one day, I have definitely been very productive despite being poorly! (pretty proud of myself!) So for my second post of the day I thought i’d talk about something that will hopefully appeal to a lot of you girls (and guys of course) who are into their makeup! This blog post will basically be a guide through my everyday makeup products, so I hope you enjoy! and be sure to let me know if you share a love of any of these products also! 🙂

So after i’ve moisturised my skin (I use Effaclar Duo), I then move on to priming my skin to make sure i have a good base to work with and the primer I love to use is Elf’s ‘Blemish Control Face Primer.’ For someone with very sensitive skin, this is amazing, it helps to minimise break outs so you can comfortable wear your makeup all day without feeling your skin isn’t protected.


Next, I’ll start to do my eyebrows. I feel like this is the part where you can see differences within peoples makeup routines, a lot of people I know would actually do their brows last but I just like to touch them up the end of my routine. To do my brows I use NYX ‘Micro Brow Pencil’ in the shade ‘Chocolate’. I use the pencil to outline my eyebrows and then I proceed to fill the rest of my brows in with MAKEUP OBSESSIONS brow compact in ‘Dark Brown’. I prefer to fill my eyebrows in with different products instead of just one pencil.


After this, i’ll conceal around my brows and go over any other blemish’s that I have on my face and my favourite concealers at the moment are BOURJOIS ‘Radiance Reveal Concealer’ in the shade ‘Ivory’ and Maybelline’s ‘The Eye Eraser’ in the shade ‘Brightener’. I find these concealers to be really good with coverage and also great with brightening so I also use these after I do my foundation to highlight areas on my face e.g. under my eyes, my chin, nose and forehead. 23899493_484995101899713_769280768_n

Then its time for foundation! and my all time favourite drugstore foundation is L’oreal Paris’ ‘True Match’ foundation, in the shade ‘Rose Ivory’. If you have very pale skin like me then this shade is great! The foundation also has really good coverage and is super easy to blend, which is exactly what you need. No one wants to spend hours and hours blending. (Unless its our eyeshadow, that is essential!)


After I use concealer to highlight, I then bronzer (and sometimes blush). I like to use bronzer along my cheekbones, jawline and forehead. I’ll then also add blusher to my cheeks if I choose to wear any that day and to do all of this all I need is one handy compact and that compact is Elf’s ‘Matte Bronzer Compact’ in ‘Fiji.’ This compact comes with both a bronzer and blush so its something really handy to carry around in your bag for touch ups! It also has a mirror, which is also always a added bonus.


Now we’re onto powdering! and I love to use NYX ‘HD Finishing Powder’ in the shade ‘Banana’. This is by far my favourite face powder on the whole planet, it feels amazing on your skin and feels creamy, not powdery at all. A little bit of this product also goes a really long way so you don’t have to constantly keep restocking!


After all of this, i’ll then do eyeshadow (if I can be bothered to do any at all). The palette i’ve been loving lately is the Maybelline ‘The Burgundy Bar’ Palette which features some beautifully toned shadows. I also recently bought a NYX ‘Full Throttle’ eyeshadow quad in ‘Color Riot’, which also features amazing colours for a perfect autumnal look! Once my eyeshadow is all done, I use L’oreal’s ‘Lash Paradise’ for my lashes which is my NO.1 mascara. Its gives you amazing length on your lashes and lasts all day.


Now the part we all love and get carried away with, HIGHLIGHTER. Now I love highlighter, I think it helps to pull a look all together and makes it look like you spent hours doing your makeup, when in fact you’ve only spent half an hour on it. My two favourite highlighters to use right now are Urban Decay’s ‘NAKED ILLUMINATED’ highlighter in ‘AURA’ and also REVOLUTION MAKEUP’s ‘ULTRA PRO GLOW’ highlighter palette. Both of these are amazing, however, if you don’t want a glittery highlight then the Urban Decay highlight will probably not be for you.. it literally is PURE GLITTER.









Lastly, I set all of the hard work i’ve done with Elf’s ‘Makeup Mist and Set’ spray. As far as I know, this setting spray claims to be matte finish but its not too matte, which I like a lot. It literally lasts alllll day and exactly what we need with how hard we all work.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading, let me know if you did! Comment down below if you like any of these products or recommend products that you think I should try!


AmyMegan xo

3 thoughts on “MY GO TO MAKEUP ROUTINE!| My most loved beauty products.

  1. This is such a lovely post, you’ve made me want to do one like this! 😍 I’ve never tried Elf before but have heard such good things about them! Urban Decay are one of my favouriteeeee brands, too. Keep up the gorgeous work 😘 xoxo

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