PASSING MY DRIVING TEST!| All about the wonderful world of driving.

Hi Guys! Two posts in one day, I am definitely feeling motivated today! So I decided I would talk about the process of passing my driving test and how life is now that I am a qualified driver and on the roads alone. My driving experience So my driving experience started when I turned 17,... Continue Reading →


SUMMER HAS DEFINITELY ARRIVED!|Fun ideas of how to make the most of your summer time!

Hi Guys! I feel like its been forever since I done a post, i've been super busy since the last one I wrote, however, since i'm officially finished now for the summer holidays i'll be able to write a lot more! So, for anyone who lives in England like I do you may have noticed... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award!| Nomination!

Hey Guys! So as the title of this blog post suggests, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful blogger LifeWithDes here in the world of WordPress. This is an amazing first post to begin my blog with in 2018. so lets get started and happy reading! The purpose of the Liebster Award is... Continue Reading →

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